Spiral Heat Exchanger

Spiral Heat Exchanger

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Spiral Heat Exchanger

The nominal pressure of spiral plate heat exchanger PN is 0.6, 1, 1.6, 2.5MPa (namely the original 6, 10, 16, 25kg/cm2) (refers to the single channel with the large working pressure) test pressure is 1.25 times of the working pressure.

The material of the contact part between the spiral plate heat exchanger and the medium is Q235A and Q235AF carbon steel, and SUS321 and SUS304 stainless acid steel.

Other materials can be selected according to user requirements.The allowable working temperature: T =0 ~ +350℃ for carbon steel, T =40~500℃ for stainless steel acid steel, the range of temperature rise and pressure drop according to the relevant provisions of the pressure vessel.When the equipment is selected, the fluid in the channel of the equipment shall reach the turbulent state through the calculation of the governing process.(general liquid flow rate of 1m/Sec gas flow rate of 10m/Sec).

If a single device cannot meet the operating requirements, multiple devices can be used in combination, provided that the combination shall comply with the following provisions: parallel combination, series combination: same spacing between equipment and channel.Hybrid combination: a channel in parallel, a channel series stainless acid-resistant steel PN0.6, 1.6 MPa not detachable type (type Ⅰ) spiral plate heat exchange
Basic Parameters